Singing Lessons

Singing….we all did it as kids, when it came almost as naturally as breathing to our young, carefree selves. But for those looking to take their singing abilities to the next level, our trained voice instructors are here to help.

Learn to Sing in Long Beach

At Jammin’ Music, you’ll get the tools you need to bring out the best in your voice in a warm, supportive atmosphere. Breathing techniques, warmups and exercises, and becoming comfortable with your own body and voice will get you started. Then, your teacher will guide you to increase your range, to build strength without straining, and to add color and emotions to your voice while also maintaining proper pitch.

Build Your Vocal Skills

You will sing the songs and styles you want to learn, but also be challenged to stretch your vocal abilities in new ways that nurture and refine your voice.

Most importantly, private lessons at Jammin’ Music are tailored to the individual. Singing lessons for students 10 and younger generally require a somewhat less rigorous approach than those in their teens and above (unless your child is performing professionally).

Singing Lessons for Kids

For younger students, lessons focus on correct breathing, properly singing vowels/how to correctly open the mouth for each vowel, how to hold out notes and phrases, and the difference between head and chest voices, to name just a few. This will give your child a solid foundation to build upon as they grow older.

All singing students at Jammin’ Music get opportunities to perform at our monthly First Fridays recitals, often with live band accompaniment!

SIGN UP NOW for Group Singing Class (ages 7-14)

PRIVATE SINGING LESSONS FEE: $30/half hour, $55/hour. FAMILY RATE: $28/lesson for families taking more than one lesson a week. CALL US at (562) 490-0222 to set up your lesson.

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