Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are among the most popular at Jammin’ Music in Long Beach, and we think that’s a wonderful thing! When learning to play piano, it is relatively easy to start playing simple songs right away (press down on any key, and you get a nice sound), which is very encouraging to beginning students.

Invented around the year 1700 in Italy, the piano is considered by many to be a “foundational instrument.” Learning the skills for successful piano and keyboard playing improves thought processes in school subjects, develops eye and hand coordination, and provides valuable fundamental skills that can be used when learning other instruments, composing, or learning music theory.

Why Learn Piano

• Students taking piano lessons learn to read music in both the bass and treble clef. This knowledge can be utilized later on for other instruments, for example the violin, which uses only the treble clef, or the trombone, which uses only the bass clef.

• Piano keys are laid out in a sensible, linear way, and you can see them as you play. Being able to visually imagine the keys helps tremendously with music theory.

At Jammin’ Music, we have university trained piano instructors on staff ready to guide your musical progress with care. All instructors are screened for their ability to relate and work well with students of all ages and skill levels, following the Jammin’ Music creed, “We Make Learning Fun!”

Most Piano Classes in Long Beach

While most of our students want to learn piano for their own personal enjoyment, some want to take a more serious, codified approach to learning. For these students, we offer yearly evaluation and adjudication programs through the Certificate of Merit program and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Whether you want to play Bach, jazz or modern rock/pop music, we have the right instructor for you. All piano students have the opportunity to perform at our monthly First Fridays recitals.

Get started playing piano today

Sign up below. You can adjust the number of lessons your purchase on the next page. After you purchase your lessons, we will call you within 2 business days to schedule your lesson!

SIGN UP NOW: Group piano lessons for 5-6 year olds OR 7-11 year-olds

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS FEE: $32/half hour, $60/hour. FAMILY RATE: $30/lesson for families taking more than one lesson a week. CALL US at (562) 490-0222 to set up your lesson.

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