Makeup Policies - Private lessons

Makeup Lessons

• • Jammin’ Music has front desk staff available at all times to take care of tuition and schedules; this allows our teachers to be able to focus solely on teaching. All schedule changes, absences etc. should be communicated to the Jammin’ Music front desk: (562) 490-0222.

• The monthly tuition you pay reserves your weekly lesson time solely for you. We cannot resell that time, nor can we consistently create extra teaching time to give makeup lessons. Because of this, please reserve your makeup lesson requests for the following reasons only: 1) illness, or 2) vacation trips.

Illnesses must be called in BEFORE the start of your lesson time in order to qualify for a makeup lesson. (Sorry, we cannot promise makeup lessons for play dates, too much homework, traffic problems, etc. Please respect your instructor’s time and avoid scheduling appointments, play dates,and other incidentals during your weekly lesson time.)

• Makeup lessons for reasons other than illness may be offered provided that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice to the front desk.

• We cannot roll lessons over to the next month, but we can offer you a makeup lesson on another day outside your usual reserved time, provided that you phone in your absence in accordance with the rules outlined above. Makeups must be scheduled within two months of your absence.

If you miss a lesson without calling ahead in accordance with the outlines above, your lesson cannot be made up. Please understand that you’ll have to pay for any late cancellation (less than 24 hours’ notice) once a time is agreed upon since we have to pay the teacher for their time.

Instructor absences

If a Jammin’ Music instructor is absent, we usually have a qualified substitute teacher so that lessons are not disrupted. In the event that we cannot provide a sub, we will either provide a makeup lesson on another day or a credit to the student’s account.