Bass Guitar Lessons

Guitar players may get more glory, but bass guitar players are just as important to the sound of any band.

Learn Bass Guitar Rhythms

Together with the drums, the bass forms the rhythm section which provides the foundation of the music and is the driving force behind a band’s sound. Without it, the music would be lifeless and lackluster.

The rhythmic pulse of the bass and drums are what drives people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. “A good bass player is not only heard but felt,” says Jammin’ Music bass instructor Geoff Parry.

Bass Guitar Lessons in Long Beach

Bass lessons at Jammin’ Music will give you the tools you need to become the heart and soul of any band.

PRIVATE BASS LESSONS FEE: $32/half hour, $60/hour. FAMILY RATE: $30/half hour lesson for families taking more than one lesson a week. CALL US at (562) 490-0222 to set up your lesson.